Consolidation of IT infrastructure – from 4 businesses to one Kaikaha Group entity

Consolidation of IT infrastructure – from 4 businesses to one Kaikaha Group entity

Client background:

Metcast Services Limited is one of our longest standing clients. They’ve been with us since 2008, and
it’s amazing to see how their company has grown in just 10 years to create the massive Kaikaha
Group. This entity contains 4 distribution companies: Metcast Services who deal with Chemicals and
Equipment, Hibiscus Solutions in Ingredients, Dominator garage door solutions, and Kaikaha

The project was very interesting and challenging at the same time!

Unique requirements

To consolidate the IT infrastructure of four companies under one IT platform. This would reduce the
total IT spending for Kaikaha Group and give them better control and insight into their own data.

1. No downtime in any circumstances
2. Migrate IT Infrastructure from all four companies to the new premises where all staff will be
3. Upgrade Server Hardware with appropriate specifications to handle 50 users.
4. Upgrade Small Business Server often referred to Windows Server 2016 platform.
5. Migrate Onsite Exchange Email to Exchange Online Email as part of MS Office 365 Business
Premium subscription.
6. Create Cloud Storage solutions using SharePoint and OneDrive.
8. Implement MS Team for collaboration using chat, audio/video conferencing and file sharing.
9. Set up RDS Server and provide secure remote access to business applications using dual
10. Upgrade to UFB and Implement VOIP PBX Solutions on single UFB connection without
compromising voice quality.

The challenge:

We were asked to ensure there were no compromises with the first requirement- “No downtime”.
Each line of the brief was a project in itself, so it was as if we were working on 10 projects
simultaneously. Moving offices to a new development site, dealing with Chorus, migrating emails to
MS Office 365 exchange online platform: when you put all of this together it is nerve breaking and
hair pulling to ensure we do not upset any executives of the four companies.

Some interesting scenarios

Here are some interesting scenarios we had to deal with during the project work:

· Upgrading server from SBS 2011 to Server 2016 that doesn’t have exchange onsite- this meant
we had to either upgrade our server first or implement the Office 365 online exchange first.
· Each user had a minimum mailbox size of 10 GB, and on top of that company used a public
folder that was 50 to 70 GB. Imaging migrating this much data to the MS Office 365 cloud platform!
It took days to plan and migrate.
· The company had 50 users with so many high paid executives and directors: making all of them
happy and informed was a big ask from engineers who don’t always like to talk 😊
· Applying and getting Chorus to provision UFB at the new development site. You have to try and
experience this bumpy ride with your clients.

Hard work

Big ups to our team who meticulously planned each phase and task, completing most of the work in
time before the deadline. However, moving to the new office was a pending task because Chorus
was not able to locate the physical address of the development site and couldn’t install ONT. Once
they managed to do this, we were able to complete the job successfully.

In the end, everything worked perfectly and our engineers walked away from the site like the

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