Covid-19, is your business ready for remote work? 5 questions to ask

Covid-19, is your business ready for remote work? 5 questions to ask

With the recent government announcements of compulsory isolation in Australia and New Zealand in order to contain COVID-19 spread, some strict isolation policies are expected to kick in soon.

Working from home will no longer be an option but rather a compulsory requirement.

Change can be scary, but changing your company policies to reflect the demands of the current situation is becoming necessary. Here’s how implementing remote working will help your organisation in the long term.

  • The current state of remote work is innovative and enjoyable
  • Companies that support remote workers experience 25% less employee turnover
  • Remote employees are more likely to stay in their roles, and they report being happier than their in-office counterparts
  • By opening your company up to remote work, you’re not only expanding your company geographically but creatively
  • The more widely you cast your hiring net, the broader range of personal experience and expertise your employees will bring with them when you attract them with your remote work policy

How Do You Know if Your Company Is Ready for Remote Work?

  1. Are some employees already accomplishing tasks remotely?
  2. Does it make sense for some employees to shift to remote work?
  3. Do you want to keep up with your competitors?
  4. Have you outgrown your office?
  5. Do you already have the technology in place to support remote teams?

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Now is the time to action some of these questions and get your company more agile!

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