Lease Computers from just $49.99 per month

Re-energise your team and boost employee productivity.

Our unique computer leasing solution takes away the pain of forking out thousands of dollars to buy computers and technology assets and maintain it. Replace outdated computers and many other hardware and software with a lease-to-rent plan. Get a computer for as low as $49.99 per month, including installation, setup, data migration, and ongoing support from our team. With no upfront costs, this offer gets you a computing device for your team with everything you need to be included for maintenance and support in a handy package.

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A unique solution that takes away this pain, but also boosts employee productivity and IT efficiency is our lease to rent plan. This plan gets rid of outdated computers and replaces them from $49.99 a month which includes installation, setup, data migration and ongoing support from our team. With no upfront costs, this offer gets you the latest technology for your business with everything else you need included in a handy package.

Scroll down to get full plan and pricing details or read through our FAQ’s.

Fill out the form below if you’d like to chat to one of our consultants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What happens when you find a fault in the supplied computer?
Our unique offer has any hardware or software issues covered. Our engineers will first troubleshoot and fix problems remotely. If this doesn’t work, they’ll come in to repair or simply replace the computer.
2What software licenses are included?
Windows Desktop Operating System build as per specification, Antivirus and MS Office (Education and Charity only)
3Who do we contact for support?
You can call our service desk on 09 950 3244 anytime Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5 pm. Or email [email protected]
4Does it cover onsite support?
Yes. Remote support is included in this package. Free onsite support is offered to sites with more than five machines availed through this offer. A $100 call out fee applies if no fault or problem is found.
5What if I want to upgrade my machine?
Computers under this offer comes with a fixed configuration. Call our service consultant if you have any special requirements! They’d be happy to help.
6Does it include installation?
Yes, a one-time setup visit is included in the price. This includes data migration from your old computers, as well as printer installation.
7What about my private data?
Computers come with prebuilt factory conditions. Under this agreement, any hardware or software is under the ownership of Mace IT Services. Any data saved on the computer is your responsibility - although you’re covered under our privacy and confidentiality policy. You are responsible for backing up your data. We provide enough notice for data to be moved during repair or replacement process.
8What are the payment options?
Direct Debit with monthly payments spanning over 36 months.
9What is included under the warranty?
Our warranty covers all types of hardware repair and replacement except breakages, leakages, theft, flood and fire. All above occurences must be covered by your insurance policy. You have full support for operating system problems, and limited support for application issues.
10What happens after 36 months?
Your computers will be replaced with better configurations.
11What are the cancellation charges?
You can cancel the contract anytime by making an upfront payment of 50% of the remaining monthly installments.