"Mace IT have been reliable and punctual over the years and successfully taken ownership of Purewa Cemetery’s IT needs. They plan well and execute even better. We know we are in safe hands as far as IT is concerned when we are dealing with Mace IT."

-Clifton Thomson, General Manager

Purewa Cemetery Trust Board and Purewa Cemetery & Crematorium
Purewa Cemetry and Crematorium, one of the oldest cemeteries in New Zealand, switched to Mace IT from another company following the latter’s inability to provide prompt service for Purewa’s time-critical services.

Purewa’s IT woes at that time were no different from the ones that plague a majority of the small and medium businesses in New Zealand, and Mace IT carried out an audit, which revealed a host of issues and flaws. Until that point, Purewa had none to advise them on core IT architecture
Purewa had Xtra email accounts, which were proving to be extremely unreliable. Besides Xtra email cannot be synced on multiple devices, thus robbing the Purewa staff of a big functionality. They could not monitor email if someone went on leave and there was no out-of-office or calendar sharing.

There was no remote access to applications and computers and this was a big drawback. The telephony was old-style – from Telecom and Telstra Clear - and was costing Purewa a fortune.


Mace IT has now implemented several solutions at Purewa, which provide all-round support. The staff can now access their email, data, cemetery applications, payroll systems from anywhere in the world on any device with full sync capability.

In addition, Mace IT has connected three buildings with a unique onsite Voice over Internet telephony solution and cut down the cost of telephony despite the addition of five more lines. Mace IT also provides 24x7 maintenance and monitoring services to Purewa at a fixed monthly cost for their mission critical services.